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This is not your ordinary detoxing program! 

We all want to feel great each day, with strong digestion, balanced energy, and a sharp mind. A good detox is one of the best ways to do this. It builds a strong foundation for your health and helps to balance out many of today’s most unhealthy elements. From junk food to chemicals in our personal care products to chronic stress, a detox, done in the right way, can be beneficial to your health.


Detox Benefits


Clarifies Nutritional Uptake

the detox solutionOften in your enthusiasm to get to the core of the problem, a key foundational step is missed. You not only present with various symptoms affecting different organs, but you are fundamentally nutritionally deficient in many areas. Remember: If something is going to be taken away, drained or detoxified for example, then something will rush in to take its place. If the drainage channels, both locally and systemically, are clearing at the correct levels then we are off to a good start. If you are deficient in ionic trace minerals, enzymes, electrolytes, probiotics, amino acids, basic vitamins, etc., the healing process will be challenged.

Without resolution, these factors, in combination with dehydrated and acidic cells, will become an obstacle to cure. Furthermore, the conditions with which you are initially presented may be recreated or suppressed. Of course dietary changes, exercise and attitudinal adjustments are integral to your detoxing process. Re-establishing the nutritional foundation while opening the drainage pathways prior to xenobiotic (drug, pesticide, or carcinogen) detoxification will bring you to a more substantial and sustaining results, regardless of your condition. Dr. Patricia Fitzgerald’s best selling book, “The Detox Solution” is included with this innovative and comprehensive program to provide you with additional education as you move through these foundational principles and processes. I am always here to provide you with encouraging support, answers and counsel to assist you with your detox.


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